Return to Indoor Worship

Directions for Return to Indoor Worship

 Please park and enter the building by door # 8.  (Miller road door closest to the Gym- Johnson Center).  We will enter and exit at this door only to reduce cleaning needs and for safety.

All people must wear a mask and social distance from people not in your family.  PLEASE respect this as we do not want to have any situations that do not glorify Christ.

We will have the first 50 worshippers enter the Gym for worship.  There will also be an overflow room with a live stream of worship provided in Murbach Hall.  We are in the process of getting much better equipment in order to create a higher quality stream both in Murbach and at home.  Please be patient with us as this process continues.

The bathrooms directly off the gym will be the only bathrooms

accessible during this time.

Please do not go anywhere else in the building but these rooms as we want to be able to clean these rooms properly and as often as needed.  Limiting building use will reduce cleaning expenses.

There will be an offering receptacle in both the Gym and Murbach in case people prefer to give offerings at that time.  If you are able to continue to drop of your offering as you have all summer that would be preferable as it is simpler. 

We will prop open as many doors as possible to reduce contact points.  However, as the weather gets colder, the outer doors will need to be closed.  Please apply sanitizer to your hands whenever you touch something.  The bathroom doors directly connected to the Gym will be closed as the noise of the bathroom would disturb the worship service.

We will continue to evaluate our worship arrangements and attempt to make changes as the needs arise. 

This is our starting point, not the finished product. God will lead us home!  

Please remember we are all in this together and only God will get us through this.  Please also know that we understand the need to be flexible in all of this.  We will pray and work hard to do our best.  Please pray for us in this.  You may share concerns kindly with us, but in all things let us behave as Christians – in that I mean let us all put on Christ so that we may model Christ.

+Remember –  the cross reminds us of His selfless sacrifice, the bread and the wine of His ongoing love, the manger of His complete humility, the waters of baptism of His incredible grace, and through His early followers, we remember that we are a church family united in His image and purpose!   

                                                                                Christ’s Blessing – Pastor Dan