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To those visiting our church as a guest for the very first time, we thank you for coming to worship and hope your experience will be uplifting! We appreciate the fact that out of your busy schedule you chose to come to Swartz Creek this morning!  We believe that guests are friends we have yet to come to know.


Sunday School For All Ages starts September 11th and runs through May! Find a class that seems interesting to you and show up at 9:45am!  You are always welcome!

The Christian Education program at the UMC of Swartz Creek is dedicated to ‘Immersing all of God’s people in His Word so they can apply it to their daily lives’ as stated in our church vision statement. To help do this we offer a number of educational opportunities for all ages. Here is a listing of the programs which we invite everybody to be a part of.

Sunday School Hour: Meets from 9:45-10:45 each week of the school year.

Location: Church Nursery
Leaders: Chris Fondren, Kim Kubik, Jillian Rippy, Leigh Savage
Ages: 0-4
Child care in a safe and comfortable environment provided during Sunday School and morning worship hours.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Class
Location: 102
Leaders: Jim and Tracy Reed
Ages: Children in K-2 Grades
Curriculum: Whirl Classroom Sunday School
Class Purpose: To have fun learning Bible Basics

3rd-5th Grade Class
Location: 108
Leaders: Kim Grant and Peggy Grant
Ages: Children in 3-5 Grades
Curriculum: Whirl Classroom Sunday School
Class Purpose: To have fun learning Bible Basics

Middle School Class
Location: JH Room - 206
Leaders: Kim Edwards and Laurie Graves
Ages: 6th through 8th Grade
Curriculum: Study of Spiritual Gifts
To help our youth understand why we believe what we believe, and how to continually strengthen our daily walk with Jesus. Curriculum is ever changing based on the needs and interests of the class.

High School Class
Location: SH Room – 202/204
Leaders: Brian Kelley
Ages: 9th through 12th Grade
Curriculum: Revelation – A Life Changing encounter with God’s Word
Topic driven class where teens have input into the subjects which will be studied throughout the year. This class provides an opportunity for discussion to help our teens enhance their Biblical knowledge on topics that are relevant to their own lives.

Adult Classes
Connecting with Others
Location: 201/203
Leaders: MaDonna Kelley and Sue VonBrockdorff
Curriculum: Not a Fan – Kyle Idleman – Being a follower, not just a fan of Jesus
Class Purpose: Connecting with others to support and encourage each other as we grow in our walks with Christ.

Bible Spiritual Disciplines Class
Location: 205
Leaders: Rolly and Jeanne Anderson
Curriculum: Hope – Your Heart’s Deepest Longings by Jack Kuhatschek
Class Purpose: Building relationship with God through Biblical Discussion.

Foundations Class
Location: 109
Leaders: Dr. Gary Glanville
Curriculum: Foundations from Saddleback Church
Class Purpose: A fresh, innovative class about the essential truths of the Christian faith and how these truths are to be lived out in your relationships, your character and your work.

God’s Warriors Class
Location: 207
Leaders: Cindy Verhaeghe
Curriculum: The Call: The Life and Message of the Apostle Paul by Adam Hamilton
Class Purpose: Bible and DVD lesson to build up your spiritual journey through life.

Men’s Sunday School
Location: Serving Room
Leaders: David Collins, Doug Ford, Keith Wolfgram
Class Purpose: Reach out to men of all ages to provide knowledge of scripture and how it can enhance their Christian faith.


Adult Bible Study! Check out what's offered below!

Monday @10am - Disciple 3 - Room 205
Monday @5:30pm - Disciple 4 - Room 205
Monday @6:30pm - Disciple 2 - Room 201
Monday @6:30pm - Disciple 1 - Room 207
Tuesday @10am - Bible Study - Allen Schweizer - Room 207 




Friday, February 24, 2017
10:00am Food Pantry

Sunday, February 26, 2017
8:30 am Worship
9:45 am Sunday School
11:00 am Worship
4:30 pm Living Way
5:45 pm JH/SH Youth
7:45 pm Orchestra (S)

10:00 am Disciple 3 (205)
5:30 pm Discipline 4 (205)
6:30 pm Disciple 1 (207)
6:30 pm Disciple 2 (201)

8:00 am Men’s Work Day
10:00 am Bible Study (207)
11:00 am Book Club (Lg)
3:00 pm Food Pantry
6:30 pm Trustees (SR)
7:00 pm Basketball (Gym)

Ash Wednesday
11:00 am Memorial Committee (109)
1:15 pm UMW Executive Bd (Lg)
4:00 pm Alive/Higher Ground
6:30 pm Ash Wednesday Service (S)
6:30 pm Joyful Ringers (SR)

4:30 pm VCI Home Team (109)
6:00 pm Chapel Bells (S)
6:30 pm Volleyball (Gym)
7:00 pm Chancel Choir (S)

10:00 am Food Pantry

3:30 pm Family Promise Volunteers Meeting
5-7:30 pm Spaghetti Dinner/Bake Sale

Sunday, March 5, 2017
Family Promise Families Arrive
8:30 am Worship
9:45 am Sunday School
11:00 am Worship
4:30 pm Living Way
5:45 pm JH/SH Youth
7:45 pm Orchestra
Room Key
FLC  -  Family Life 
Gym - Gymnasium     
JC    - Johnson Center
Lg    -  Lounge           
MH   - Murbach Hall
N      - Narthex
Pav  -  Pavilion
PR   -  Prayer Room
 S    -  Sanctuary
SR   -  Serving Room